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At the age of 19, Vanita Halliburton’s teenage son, Grant, took his life by suicide. Following his death, Vanita co-founded the Grant Halliburton Foundation to strengthen the network of mental health resources for children, teens, and young adults; promote better mental health; and help prevent suicide.

Vanita uses her experience with the unexpected loss of her son to help educate and encourage others struggling with the loss of family and friends. In this conversation, we talk about the warning signs of a crisis, symptoms to look for to prevent suicide, questions to ask, and how to help a teen who is hurting.

This interview is full of wisdom for parents, school staff, and helpers who come in contact with teenagers who are hurting or in hard places. Let’s continue the conversation and take a look at mental health for teens!


The hardest thing about losing my son to suicide was losing my son. Period.
Vanita Halliburton

Resources for suicide prevention:

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

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