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Drug use does not just stay with an individual – it can impact an entire family.

In this episode of our “Unexpected” series, we are talking to Amy Deprang and Ross Van Gorder, a mom and son, about teen drug use, it’s effects, and how it impacted their family.

In seventh grade, Ross started smoking marijuana, sending him down a path of substance abuse and strained family relationships. Now Ross and Amy are sharing their experiences and even discovering different pieces of the story in the process. Ross and Amy give unique perspectives to the difficult situation of teen drug use.

If you are walking through life with a teen who is using drugs, or a family who has been impacted by a similar experience, this is the podcast for you! We invite you to join our conversation with Amy and Ross.

Pursue your child even though you feel hurt by them or you’re mad at them.
Amy Deprang

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Amy Deprang and Ross Van Gorder

Amy Deprang and Ross Van Gorder

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