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Enneagram for teens and parents

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that has gained popularity recently. Maybe you have heard of it? Maybe you have already taken a test or read a book to discover your type? Maybe you have no idea what we are talking about. Whatever level of knowledge you have about the Enneagram, you are in good company.

Join this conversation with Casey McCollum as we begin to introduce the Enneagram and how you can use it for personal, relational, and spiritual transformation.

In part 1 of our interview with Casey McCollum, we will introduce the Enneagram with a brief overview and history. Casey will also cover how the Enneagram is different from other personality tests you may be familiar with and advise on some best practices for discovering your Enneagram type.

We believe that you will be better equipped to help teenagers when you are your best self.

Listen to this episode for an introduction to the Enneagram and how this tool can help you help teens!


Enneagram Visual Chart of Types

Resources to learn more about the Enneagram for teens and parents

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