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Why knowing about the Enneagram for teens (and parents) can improve your relationship

TL Selects is a special series, releasing December 2021, with four of the past episodes we’ve found most helpful and that we believe could be the most helpful to you.

Chris and Karlie sat down with Suzanne Stabile – Enneagram expert, teacher, coach, and author. Through decades of researching and studying the Enneagram, Suzanne has a unique perspective on this incredible tool, it’s relational aspects, and how it can impact the lives of teenagers. In this episode, Suzanne covers her background with the Enneagram before addressing the Enneagram as it relates to teenagers. Suzanne gives some great wisdom for helping adolescents explore the Enneagram. Then, she also covers the first 4 numbers on the Enneagram by talking about what struggles teenagers face in each type and how adults can better interact with them. This interview is incredibly practical and full of wisdom!

Join this conversation with Suzanne Stabile as we learn how to better understand and support teenagers through our knowledge of the Enneagram.

The best thing you can do if you work with adolescents is be healthy yourself.
Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram Expert and Bestselling Author

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources on the enneagram for teens.

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