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What you need to know when your teen is turning 18.

When teens turn 18, it is cause for celebration! Parents and teens alike can pat themselves on the back for having made it to this point!

This milestone brings about significant changes in the dynamics of your relationship with your child.

Here’s a guide on how to deal with these changes while considering parental rights, teen rights, and adjustments in your parenting style.

A Word on Parental Rights and Teen Rights

In most places, turning 18 marks the age of majority, where your teenager gains legal adulthood. This means they have the right to make decisions about their life, including education, healthcare, and finances.

Communication is key! Maintain open and honest communication with your teenager. Discuss the shift in responsibilities and decision-making, emphasizing the importance of responsible choices.

Three ways parental rights change when a teen turns 18.

  • To see 18-year-old’s medical records, grades, bank statements, your child has to formally agree and give consent.
  • You no longer automatically have the authority to make healthcare decisions for them. Even if they are still covered by your health insurance and you are paying the bill. This means that if your child has an accident or illness and is temporarily disabled, you may need court approval to act on their behalf or even to be informed of their medical status.
  • FERPA also prevents you from seeing grades and getting transcripts, even if you are paying for school.

Especially if you have a high school student who turned 18, here are four forms that you might want to fill out so you can help your teen in an emergency:

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