Last year, I wrote about how to navigate the summer with your teen.

As summer approaches I think we could revisit and talk about some things to do with your teen over the summer to keep them active, engaged, and mentally healthy.

Every May, when summer is close, my teen and I sit down and create a summer bucket list. Obviously every list will vary based on what you and your family find fun. This is a way for you to not only plan fun, family outings but also a way for you to let your teen have input on what they want to do this summer. It doesn’t have to be a big event or trip to be meaningful. If you’re someone who struggles to think of fun summer things, don’t fret! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Plan Swim Time
    If you love a good time to swim or get a tan, this is a great way to start your summer planning. It could be a simple backyard pool, local swim spot, or even a water park. Getting time together in the water could be a lot of fun.
  • Camp Outing
    Camping is not everyone’s thing, and it’s very polarizing. If you’re like me, you could only be down for a backyard call in a tent. You could also plan a “glamping” trip or full-scale camping. Plan a picnic, outdoor movie, stargaze, make s’mores and memories together.
  • Play Mini Golf and Go Karting
    This is always a family favorite in my household. All ages enjoy a good round of mini golf and some healthy family competition. Also, a little shameless plug for a longtime supporter of Teen Life. If you’re local to the DFW area, go check out Rockwood Go Karts for all your mini golf and go-karting fun.
  • Cook/Bake Something Fun
    Getting into the kitchen with your teen and creating something together can be a very fun bonding time. Bonus is you get to eat what you create and share with family and friends.
  • Volunteer Together
    During the school year, life can get hectic and making time to volunteer can be hard. During the summer, there’s many opportunities to give back to people in need. Some examples being helping at a senior center, food bank, or local non-profits.

I hope this has helped you think of some possible summer bucket list ideas but if you need more, check out this link.

We at Teen Life hope you have a wonderful summer with your family!


Tobin Hodges

Tobin Hodges

Program Director

Tobin graduated with a Bachelors of Music from Texas Tech University. A teacher’s kid twice over, he taught for 13 years before coming to Teen Life. His entire career has been centered around helping students and teens from all walks of life become the best version of themselves.