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What do we do when someone has attempted or died by suicide?

 In part two of our conversation about suicide, Chris and Karlie are joined by Lezlie Culver to talk about “postvention.” Through personal experience and her work with families who have lost a loved one to suicide, Lezlie discusses how we can support teenagers who have attempted suicide and families who are affected by suicide.

Don’t be a silo. You can’t handle it by yourself, especially with suicide.
Lezlie Culver

In this episode, you’ll find out…

  • The prevalence of suicide among teenagers.
  • Terms that are appropriate and healthy to use when talking about suicide.
  • How to talk to a teenager who has attempted suicide.
  • The effect of suicide on the family.
  • Ways we can support the survivors of suicide.

Ask yourself…

  • Am I uncomfortable talking about suicide? How can I overcome that?
  • How can I be more mindful of suicide survivors?

Go ask a teen…

  • What was your experience like? How did you feel when you attempted suicide?
  • What can I do to help?


In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:

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