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How to talk to teens about suicide.

In the first episode of a two part series on suicide, Chris and Karlie are joined by Dr. Becky Taylor to discuss risk factors and suicide prevention. More than one in every five teens has seriously considered suicide according to a 2023 CDC report.

Suicide is a problem, especially among teenagers, and as caring adults, we need to get used to having regular, open conversations around the topic. Join us as Dr. Taylor talks about how to support, confront and encourage teenagers who are thinking about suicide.  

Death is final, it’s real, and it affects so many people.
Dr. Becky Taylor

In this episode, you’ll find out…

  • Risk factors for teenage suicide.
  • The significance of the plan and means of suicide.
  • Why teenagers are high-risk for suicide.
  • Some first steps to support a student who is thinking about suicide.
  • How to confront a teenager you think is considering suicide.

Ask yourself…

  • Am I afraid to confront a teenager about suicide?
  • Who else is in that teenager’s life? Do they notice anything different?

Go ask a teen…

  • Are you thinking about killing yourself?
  • How are you doing? What are some things that I can do to help you?

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:


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