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Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique.

Teens are constantly navigating a world full of changes, challenges, and opportunities. Taking ownership of their faith is a rewarding way to maintain inner peace and find meaning in the chaos.

It isn’t about following a set of rigid rules or mimicking what others do; it’s about finding their unique connection with God and nurturing that relationship in a way that resonates with them.

Keep reading for ideas for exploring various spiritual disciplines and discovering how to best connect with God.

How to help teens pursue spiritual disciplines.

What brings you closer to God might differ from what works for your friends or family. The key is to explore and identify the practices that make you feel most connected to your faith. It’s important to understand that there’s no secret trick or one-size-fits-all solution. Taking ownership of your faith requires intentional time and effort. Here are some spiritual practices that might help you along the way.


Writing down your thoughts, prayers, and reflections can be a powerful way to connect with God. Journaling allows you to express your emotions, document your spiritual growth, and see how God is working in your life over time.


Whether through music, art, or nature, worship is about expressing your love and reverence for God. Find what form of worship makes you feel closest to Him. This might be singing, playing an instrument, painting, or simply spending time in awe of His creation.


In our busy world, taking time to rest can be a profound spiritual discipline. Rest is not just about sleep, but about finding moments of peace and stillness where you can reflect and reconnect with God.


Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean abstaining from food. It can be any intentional sacrifice of something that distracts you from God, such as social media, television, or other activities. The goal is to refocus your attention and deepen your reliance on Him.


Spending time with other believers can strengthen your faith. Fellowship involves sharing life with others, supporting one another, and growing together in your spiritual journey. It’s a reminder that you are not alone.


Celebrate the goodness of God in your life. This can be through small daily thanksgivings or larger gatherings with friends and family. Acknowledging and rejoicing in His blessings fosters a heart of gratitude.


In the noise of everyday life, finding moments of silence can help you hear God’s voice more clearly. Silence allows you to be still and know that He is God, creating space for deeper communion.


It’s okay to bring your sorrows and struggles before God. Lamenting is an honest expression of your pain and a way to seek His comfort and healing. It’s a reminder that God is with you in every emotion.


Serving others is a tangible way to live out your faith. It helps you see God’s work in the world and understand His love in action. Service can be anything from helping a neighbor to participating in larger community projects.

Bible Study

Studying the Bible is fundamental to understanding God’s word and His will for your life. It’s not just about reading, but about reflecting on the scriptures and allowing them to transform your heart and mind.


Prayer is a direct line of communication with God. It’s about speaking to Him, but also listening. Prayer can take many forms – structured prayers, spontaneous conversations, or meditative silence.

Taking ownership of your faith is about making it your own – finding the ways you connect best with God and nurturing that connection with intention and love. It’s not something you can do for anyone else. You can only encourage them to embrace the journey and get out of the way!

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