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Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but we can help teens (and ourselves) have a better relationship. Join Karlie Duke and Digital Media Manager, Kelly Fann, in a candid conversation about algorithms and how to talk with teens about the effects it can have on self-esteem. Don’t miss where they break down the “metaverse” and better ways to set health goals without encouraging a negative body image.

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About Us:
Karlie Duke

Karlie Duke

Director of Communications

Karlie was in one of Teen Life’s original support groups and now is passionate about encouraging students to live better stories. She has gained experience working with teenagers through work, volunteer, and personal opportunities.

Kelly Fann

Kelly Fann

Digital Media Manager

Kelly has lived in three countries and worked with teens across the world, encouraging them to pursue their passions and to be kind. She’s been refining messages and telling stories for brands and non-profits since 2009.

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