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Millions of teenagers are plagued with eating disorders every year. In episode 91, we follow up a previous conversation on overeating disorders and discuss restrictive eating disorders, like anorexia and ARFID.

Then, we walk you through some of the (many) changes coming to your Instagram feed and a hot tip on why wet hair might be a hazard to your health.

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Chris Robey

Chris Robey


Chris has worked with teens from a variety of backgrounds for over a decade. He has a desire to help teenagers make good choices while also giving their families tools to communicate more effectively as choices are made.
Karlie Duke

Karlie Duke

Director of Communications

Karlie was in one of Teen Life’s original support groups and has always had a heart for teenagers and the vulnerable life stage they are in. She has a wealth of experience to share from working with teens in ministry and leading support groups.

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