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Here’s our list of reasons to love teenagers.

What would you add?

We believe that teens are amazing for who they are becoming, but also for who they are right now!

To celebrate our 150th episode, we wanted to take a minute to remember some of the top reasons we love being around teenagers.

Give us your additions in the comments!

  1. They are hilarious
  2. They view the world through a different lens
  3. They’re never boring
  4. They realize their voice matters
  5. Every emotion they have is intense and strong
  6. They can dress themselves
  7. They care deeply
  8. They are thriving in a really complicated phase of life
  9. They stand up for what’s right
  10. They teach us so many things
  11. They are leaders, especially for kids younger than them
  12. They can be brutally honest
  13. They can pick up new skills easily
  14. How quickly they can connect to others (did we just become best friends?)
  15. Their excitement and passion for the things they care about

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