What is this blog about?

Teen Lifeline exists to provide resources and support for students to help them live life better. In doing this I have learned a lot about a teenagers world. My intention on this blog is to share from that experience and find other resources out there to help you be a better parent. For our audience you may be a parent of a teen or a teenager who is a parent. Either way we want you to get information here that helps you be better at parenting and training your child(ren).


In an effort to do this well we will stick to a few specific subjects that are related to parenting. I won’t always reference how to parent related to the post but I will be seeing things through that lens as I am raising four kids of my own (I couldn’t do this without my lovely wife but more about her another time).

Over the past 10 years I have noticed a few things that stand out in helping students and there families. These have translated to topics that I will be covering and offering help and resources to you as I write these posts.


1. Dealing with crisis or tough issues. This falls into the coaching category here. Some call it counseling because that is what they are familiar with but coaching is more of a conversation where a problem is presented and a solution or two are offered to help deal with that problem. (Counseling is more listening and asking, allowing the person to come up with their own solution.) Here it is difficult to carry on a conversation so I’ll present an issue and then address it leaving the comments section for followup and further suggestions from you.


2. Parenting. Hardly something I have figured out. I do feel that I have learned a lot from students I work with about what they wish their parents were doing. I intend to offer suggestions and resources that will equip you as a parent. I look forward to sharing stories with you about where I have failed and succeeded and hear your input as well.


3. Technology. There is so much going on in this world that it is hard to keep up. That’s why I want to help. I enjoy researching technology and gadgets as well as social media and web related research. I plan to share here what I know and learn in order to help you know what your kids are facing on the WWW.


4. Resources. There are so many resources out there to help families that it becomes overwhelming and makes it hard to know which ones to use. I have made it part of the Teen Lifeline purpose to know what is out there and visit places in our area that help families so that we can confidently share them and inform you about what they are and how they can serve you.


This is only the beginning. No doubt these topics will change over time but parenting will always be a part of it. I hope that as you find helpful information you share it on your social media of choice or just talk about it with friends. If that happens then we really are doing what we set out to do, equip people with information worth sharing because it helps them live life better.


What other topics would you like to see through the lens of parenting? Suggestions are accepted but not guaranteed to show up in a post 🙂