Just a short post with more of a review to come. My wife and I recently had the opportunity to go see the To Save a Life movie. I was somewhat skeptical as it is a low budget film. However, the producers left nothing to be imagined. They tackled tough teen issues and didn’t leave out any of the details.

Here’s the trailer:

As we watched I thought how tough it must be for teenagers to deal with the pressures they do every day. I also thought about how many parents live in denial or are so checked out of their teens life that they have no idea what the teen is going through.

I have encountered many parents that say “They’re really a good kid”, I understand what they mean but I have found myself thinking, “No they aren’t”. No one is naturally good, we have to work at being good every day and teenagers have to be taught how to be good by mentors, parents, teachers, & coaches. If they don’t receive this guidance it makes it tough for them to be a good person as they grow up.

If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t put it off. It is well worth the money and time and movies like this need the support of us as movie goers. Click this link to Fandango to find local times and locations. To Save a Life movie