Ep. 119: Diverse Families- Multi-cultural/Multiracial Families

Ep. 119: Diverse Families- Multi-cultural/Multiracial Families

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How can we support multiracial and multi-cultural families?

Chris Robey interviews Tquan and Leahanna Moore about their experience as a multiracial/multi-cultural family.

They discuss what it means to be multi-cultural and how they’ve approached blending cultures in their own home. You’ll also hear about their kids’ experience being mixed race.

Listen for talking points on:

  • the importance of acknowledging the cultures within a family and how to ensure a healthy family identity
  • how to approach peer acceptance with kids
  • discrimination
  • assumptions
  • how to best support kids from multiracial or multi-cultural backgrounds

In this episode, we mentioned or used the following resources:

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