Life at High School & Successful Students

Life at High School & Successful Students

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Chris Robey talks to two school counselors about what they are currently seeing in our public schools.

While Lindsey and Tammy both work at two very different schools, they give great insight into what students are facing and offer valuable advice on how we can support teenagers to make their life at high school more positive.

School is a vital part of the teenage years, let’s discuss how we can help students be more successful!

Successful students live intentionally, They are goal oriented and are living life accordingly.

In this episode, Lindsey and Tammy discuss…

  • Trends seen by school counselors
  • Common stressors that students face
  • The kind of support students can receive from school
  • Some qualities of successful students

Ask yourself…

  • Am I aware of current teen trends?
  • How can I help support my student’s school life at home?

Go ask a teen…

  • What is one small thing that would help make school better?
  • Do you know what resources are available to you at school?

In this episode, we used the following resources:

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