What Teens Want for Christmas in 2021

What Teens Want for Christmas in 2021

Buying gifts for teens can seem impossible, especially since they probably aren’t writing letters to Santa anymore. We’re here to help you build stronger connections with the teens in your life, so we’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are cool enough to impress without breaking your budget.

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Gift Ideas by Personality:


The Perfectionist
  • A laptop/tablet or fancy planner
  • Jewelry organizer or grooming kit
  • Self-Improvement lessons – voice lessons, golf lessons, photography webinar etc.
  • Organize their room/closet/car or create a space for them to stay organized at home.

The Encourager

  • Candles, decor, a backpack purse
  • A splurge item that they would like but wouldn’t ever buy themselves
  • A spa gift card so they can take care of themselves
  • A family cookbook or recipe box

The High Achiever

  • Clothes (think something nice that will help them stand out – a jacket, fancy shoes, etc.); Birchbox Subscription
  • A nice wallet or custom jewelry
  • A shopping spree
  • A day helping them accomplish a goal – training for a 5K, washing/cleaning out their car, etc.

the individualist

  • Unique graphic tee or tote bag with a fun saying
  • Record player and a few of their favorite albums or a Spotify subscription
  • Tickets to a concert or an art museum
  • A book of letters and memories from loved ones

The Researcher

  • Kindle or audiobook subscription
  • AirPods or a video game console
  • Movie tickets or a planned trip to tour something they are interested in (national parks, Hall of Fame, Presidential Library)
  • Spend a day learning about something they love. Let them educate you for once!


The Loyalist

  • Weighted or super cozy blanket
  • Clothing that supports their favorite team or interest
  • Take them to a new restaurant or coffee shop that they would love but might never pick themselves.
  • Write them a letter that mentions all the ways you see and appreciate them.

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera
  • Weekender bag or fun luggage
  • A fun weekend away! Try an Airbnb gift card to give them a budget.
  • Surprise them with some quality time! Let them skip a day of school and just be together.

  • Nice watch or Fitness tracker
  • Something that they have mentioned that would be helpful or a gift card to their favorite store
  • Tickets to a concert or show that they would enjoy
  • Quality time – plan a day just for them. Be intentional about telling them how much you respect and appreciate them.


The Peacemaker


  • A coffee maker and a travel mug, a t-shirt quilt of their favorite old shirts
  • Something that supports their favorite habit (guitar, tools, nail polish, etc.)
  • A new book and gift card to their favorite coffee shop so they can go spend the day by themselves
  • Is there a project they have put off? Dedicate a weekend and help them finish anything they started but didn’t get around to completing.
Karlie Duke

Karlie Duke

Marketing & Development Director

Karlie was in one of Teen Life’s original support groups and now is passionate about encouraging students to live better stories. She has gained experience working with teenagers through work, volunteer, and personal opportunities.