Ep. 62: Talking with Teens about Capability

Ep. 62: Talking with Teens about Capability

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Summer is a great time to start conversations with your teen! Use the extra time with them while they are home to get curious and ask open-ended questions.

To help, we’ve designed this series to be a quick, fun way to get everyone talking. Listen together with your teen, or by yourself. You might be surprised at how willing teenagers are to talk when they get started!

In episode 62, Kelly Fann joins Chris to discuss encouraging teens to improve their current skills and to gain new ones with a growth mindset.


How good do you feel you are at doing things?

Talk through these with your teen after this podcast ends!

  • What’s something you feel like you’re good at right now?
  • How does it make you feel when you take care of things yourself?
  • What’s something you’d like to get better at? How can I help?
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About Us:
Chris Robey

Chris Robey


Chris has worked with teens from a variety of backgrounds for over a decade. He has a desire to help teenagers make good choices while also giving their families tools to communicate more effectively as choices are made.

Kelly Fann

Kelly Fann

Digital Media Manager

Kelly has lived in three countries and worked with teens across the world, encouraging them to pursue their passions and to be kind. She’s been refining messages and telling stories for brands and non-profits since 2009.

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