Support Groups

What are Teen Life Support Groups?

Teen Life Support Groups are intended to provide a safe place for teens to talk with peers about what is going on in their lives under the guidance of a trusted adult. Whether there is a specific issue they are facing or they just need someone understanding to talk to, teens will leave with resources that will help them face life’s challenges. In these groups, students will also learn life skills that will help them deal with stress, relationships, school, and the ups and downs of life.

What makes our support groups different?

The thing that makes our Support Groups different is that the teenagers, as participants, get to have input into how the group will work and what we will talk about throughout the process. Utilizing community volunteers, each group is facilitated by a trained, trusted adult. Many of our students don’t know who they can trust, but we believe just one adult can make a difference for a teenager. Our groups also take place during the school day on school campuses. We have found that students are more invested and consistent when they don’t have to leave school to participate.

What brings students together?

Our Support Groups are for High School and Middle School students and typically meet once a week for 8 weeks. We work closely with school counselors and staff to identify who would be a good fit for the groups.

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Support Groups cover topics like:
  • Stress Management
  • Internal Resources
  • Relationships
  • Life at School
  • Finding Resources
  • Ups & Downs of Life
Support Groups are for:

Secondary Students

Student-Aged Parents

Teens from hard places

Any student

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