Social Media & Teens

Social media plays an enormous role in shaping many teenagers’ self-esteem, habits and social life. We’re here to guide parents and other caring adults in keeping track of the latest trends, what to watch out for and what to avoid, so they can help teens do the same.

Title Image: Depression & Lemon8

Ep. 106: Depression & Lemon8

Learn the signs of depression versus typical teen behavior, as well as possible next steps if you think a teen you love needs help.

Panic Attacks & OnlyFans Podcast Title Image

Ep. 104: Panic Attacks & OnlyFans

Listen for actionable tips on how to help teenagers deal with panic attacks. We’ll also give reasons teens are using OnlyFans and what parents need to know.

Ep. 101 Gun Violence & Location Tracking

Ep. 101: Gun Violence & Location Tracking

Have you talked with your teen about gun violence and how it affects them? Listen for ways to start the conversation. Plus, location sharing tips for teens.

Ep. 94: Teen Love & Snapchat

Ep. 94: Teen Love & Snapchat

Chris and Karlie pull back the curtain on teen love. Then they’ll give you a rundown of the key features of Snapchat and potential risks and benefits.

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