Parenting teenagers can be tough! We’ll help you keep a pulse on the latest tips and trends to help you connect with the teens in your house.

Teen Life Podcast episode 109

Ep. 109: Stealing & Summer Ideas

Learn more about shoplifting- why teens do it and how you can help them stop. Also listen for tons of ideas on things to do this summer.

Summer Bucket List for Families

Get ideas on how to create a plan that the whole family will love and make this summer the best yet for you and your teen.

Teen Life Podcast Ep 105

Ep. 105: Teacher Appreciation & Teen Terms 5

Don’t miss these easy ideas for teacher appreciation week. We’ll also talk about teen terms you need to know and one way to approach teen resistance to rules.

Ep. 100: Top Teen Things

Ep. 100: Top Teen Things

Sarah Brooks and Tobin Hodges join Chris and Karlie for a celebratory 100th episode! Listen for fun flashbacks and insightful tips on modern teens.

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