I have recently been spending a lot of time researching and locating resources. Specifically in the Fort Worth area. This process has helped me realize that there a lot of people out there needing resources and in many cases the resources are available. The problem is that it is hard to find many of them. Using an internet search leads to a long list of hits and confusing links to weed through.

Because of this I wanted to put out some guidelines I use when searching for resources helpful to teens and families.

1. Use your relationships with people to find resources. This is really the best way. By asking people who have been there (other parents) or people who work in the mental health or rehab field you will quickly find options to contact.

2. Search for related services that might be able to point you in the right direction. For example, you may not need a rehab facility but if you call them, they could refer you to other services. Even something like calling a local hospital may be helpful.

3. Think simple. You don’t have to use clinical terms to find “therapeutic rehabilitation facilities for adolescents”. You can simply search for difficult teen, teen challenge, or dealing with a teen and find resources that may be helpful.

4. Check out the resource. Not everyone is helpful or has been checked out. I recommend calling and/or visiting any resource you find before committing. Along with this I recommend checking out multiple places for comparison sake. You may find that you didn’t think of things to ask until you learn what else could be included.

If you still feel like you aren’t finding what you are looking for, here are some resources I frequently recommend.

ACH Services – Established in 1915, ACH offers lots of options for helping youth and families. Including a 24 hour toll free number 1.888.296.8099.

Sundance Behavioral Health Center – Offer classes for teens and parents on a multitude of issues.

Teen Challenge – A national faith based organization that works especially with drug issues for youth and adults.

You can also refer to our Resources page, as we try to keep this up to date with new resources we find.

For those that read, I recommend Donald Miller’s new book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I have not read anything like it in terms of helping you and your teen be intentional with how you live. Be informed, this is not a parenting book, it is a book about paying attention to how we live.

Leave a comment, letting us know how these things help you Live Life Better.