Yea, I totally get it. Many times parents don’t understand but there are many times they understand much more than their kids realize.

The other day I was browsing Twitter and ran across a lot of conversations about the new MTV show Skins . WOW! To my amazement a lot of the comments were about how bad the show was (not morally, just that it was a copy cat of the English version.) But then one comment caught my eye. Here it is:

This bothered me just a bit. For a company like MTV to reinforce the perception that “Parent’s don’t understand” without being able to qualify it, to me was just wrong. I agree parents often don’t understand but for them to put it out there in a <140 character message is only asking for trouble.

If you are reading this here is the thing to remember. MTV is out to make money, catch that? MTV is out to make money. They don’t care about you like your parents do. They could care less if you fill your mind with junk as long as their show sells. They have no investment in the effect a show like Skins could have on you and your friends. To many times this is the case not just with MTV, so watch out. Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys. Be smarter than that…because you are.