Celebrating 4 Years of Life Lived Better!

I am very excited to be writing you about what is happening with Teen Lifeline. Over the past 4 years you have kept up with us through our website (which is now updated here). After 4 years of impacting students and working with schools, churches, courts, and families we have new things to announce. I hope you enjoy hearing about what is coming and will take the time to share what we are up to with others that believe in making a difference in the life of a teen.

With this post I have two big things to announce and there will be more to come. I know you haven’t been waiting around for the latest email from Teen Lifeline because they have been few and far between. Well that is about to change. Our new website has launched! Along with that I am working on multiple posts to help you and me stay in better communication. These posts will focus on issues facing teens and parents today. I will use information I have gained from working with teens for over 10 years to help you and me know how to address issues like web & technology, talking about tough issues, training by modeling, finding resources and more. As I stated I hope that these things help you be the best parent you can be (I know as I write I don’t have it all together so I expect to process with you).

Secondly, we are thrilled to have a new employee joining us. He will officially start on August 1st so we will wait until then for a full introduction. As a teaser, he brings over 6 years of experience working with teens to the table. He has a Master’s in Family Life Education from Lubbock Christian University. His name is Chris and he will be taking over the role as Program Director. Be watching this Wednesday for a more formal introduction to who he is and what he will be doing with us.

I am so glad you have hung in there with us the past 4 years. Many of you have prayed, donated money, donated baby supplies, even time and we wouldn’t be where we are without you. I hope as we begin new and exciting things you will continue to support us and will let others know about how Teen Lifeline is working hard to help teens (and their families) choose Life Lived Better.

What choices have you made in life to help you live life better? Join the conversation below.