Welcome to the NEW Lifelivedbetter.org! As you have probably heard before, Teen Lifeline encourages, equips and empowers teenagers to Live Life Better. This is not a post about how we do that (just take a look around our website to figure that out!) but instead about the new features our website now offers!

4 things to look for on our new website:

1. All of the resources we have researched and compiled can be found in one place!

Are you a parent in search of resources for you or your teenager? Struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression or other mental health issues? Are you a teen parent who doesn’t know where to turn next?

If Teen Lifeline can’t help you, we will point you in the right direction with our resources page!

2. You get quick access to our impact.

If you’re curious about the number of students Teen Lifeline is helping, you can now see that live, updated number on our home page!

You might ask, “What campuses are you serving?” Now, you can find that information on our Support Groups page!

3. It is easier than ever to get involved! 

With our new get involved page, you can find ways to donate, volunteer and give supplies all in the same place! We want to help teenagers, and that happens best when we partner with others who are passionate about the same thing.

Become a facilitator. Donate. Help mentor our teen parents. Shop through Amazon-Smile. Donate baby clothes and items. Shop in our Teen Lifeline Store. Join us by helping teenagers.

4. The website is now a responsive theme!

This means that you can visit our website from your computer, phone or tablet, and it will format to fit your screen, making it easier for you to navigate and find what you need! This also includes bigger button and easy menu access to jump directly to the help you need or need to share with a friend. So go ahead, share the new site with someone now!