I am very excited to get to introduce to you Chris Robey as our new Program Director. In the 4 years we have been working as Teen Lifeline I have been the 1 full time employee and have been blessed with a couple of split time Executive Directors and a great board. This past fall we all decided it was time for us to branch out. The board asked me to take the Executive Director role, which I graciously accepted and will tell about another time, and then we moved to discussion about who to hire.

The time has now come to welcome the newest member of our team here at Teen Lifeline. Chris brings a lot to the table. Besides 8 years of ministry experience he also has a Master’s from Lubbock Christian University and a bachelors from Midwestern State University. His passion for helping youth and desire to make a difference in their life as well as their family is not something you find every day.

As Chris comes on board I am excited about a few things that he brings to the table to help us at Teen Lifeline expand our reach and continue to help families.

Chris has a degree in Family Life Education. He is good at seeing issues that families face and finding the tools they need to deal with those issue in a positive way. Part of this is continual research into what those issues are and how experts are finding ways to help. Chris enjoys finding those resources and breaking them down into manageable pieces for families to use.

A big part of what we do at Teen Lifeline is support groups for teens. These groups help students process through how they find resources, handle stress, & face difficult choices in their life. Chris has had the opportunity to facilitate these groups in Granbury, TX. He will now take over groups that we are facilitating in schools, courts, churches, and even drug treatment programs for teens around the Tarrant County area. His previous experience facilitating puts him in a unique position to jump right in and effectively help teens in our groups. In addition he will be looking for new places to form groups and reach out to teens needing this kind of support.

There is much more to the future of Teen Lifeline with Chris Robey as Program Director. I am excited to have him on board and honored to introduce him to you. Obviously there is much more to him then what we have covered here. You can find his own bio on our staff page. I also look forward to sharing more about what he is doing and how we are making a difference in the lives of students here and beyond.

How have you been impacted by being a new employee or welcoming a new employee in? (good or bad but keep it respectable)