Crowd entering the stadium

I wanted to share briefly about the experience TL was excited to be a part of last night. A group of volunteers from Teen Lifeline gathered with several hundred students at Birdville ISD’s stadium for an evening of refocusing. The event was put on by FCA but was open to any students in the North Tarrant area. The night opened with a worship band that invited the students to let go of the things that were weighing them down by focusing on God and worshiping him. Then several students gave their testimony about how God had worked in their life to show them how He was walking with them and that He would always be there. This was followed by more worship and a speaker. This is where we came in. The speaker, a youth pastor in the area, invited students to go to one of three areas on the football field. One was for students committing to Christ for the first time, the second for those that wanted to recommit, and the third was our area where students could address an issue they are dealing with. It was amazing to see a lot of students wanting to pray about recommitting. It was exciting and actually required us to send over some volunteers to pray with the mass of students wanting to do that. Then students began to come to us. I know was at work because it can’t be easy for these students to come forward and admit what is going on for them. We prayed about everything from pride and self-esteem to cutting and drugs. It was an amazing time and a great way to use the gifts God has given us to pray with the students. The follow up will be happening through local churches so continue to be in prayer about that.Crowd facing the stage

It was an amazing blessing to be a part of such a great night. If you were unable to participate this year, definitely make a note to look for Fields of Faith next year, where ever you are in the U.S. It definitely promotes a life lived better.