Well I am finally sitting down to write a blog about our Columbine Redemption event this past Saturday night. For starters here are some comments I heard after the event was over, (not necessarily quoted word for word)

“WOW, that was awesome!”

“We really need to have this at our school.”

“When is Darrell coming back?”

“What an amazing story!”

“I wish more people had been here to hear this.”

Well you just may get your chance. TL is already looking at the possibility of bringing a speaker from CR back to the area in the fall. In order to pull this off we need to get people on board sooner than later, so if you are interested in being involved leave a comment and let me know.

As for the evening, it was great! We had a good crowd and Darrell, of course, shared an amazing story. I have already posted in an earlier blog about what I heard at Richland High School Rachel’s Challenge Assembly but I want to share what stood out this time just the same.

Here are just a couple of highlights from this presentation. First, Darrell is amazing to listen to. To think that he, as a father, is able to share their story (the story of the death of his daughter) is amazing. His strength, or as he would say his weakness and strength in Christ, is amazing to see and hear. Second, I love that he only shares facts and truths from his own story. He does not make judgements on the shooters, he does not share frustrations he faced toward media or administration, etc. He only shares the faith that Rachel has and how it has impacted his family, in successes and failures. Third, is simply Rachel’s amazing faith. She exemplified what it is to be a Christian, even befriending a very anti-religious (self-proclaimed) student that would argue with almost anyone else…except Rachel.

These just a few, there is so much more. If you get a chance you definitely want to see a presentation by Columbine Redemption, you NEED to take it. If you have a chance and you don’t take someone with you, you will regret it and eagerly wait for the next opportunity you have to share it with someone, anyone, who hasn’t heard it.

If you have the time check out there website to learn more, here it is again www.columbineredemption.com. Or search YouTube and search for Rachel’s Challenge.

Side note: Be sure to browse our website. It is new as of May 8th, redesigned by The Marketing Twins and it is really cool. Any feedback is also greatly appreciated as we continue to update, maintain, and improve what we now have.