(This is a guest post from our Executive Director, Chris Hatchett. It is taken from our most recent newsletter.)

The recent news reports on bullying have been shocking. One day there is a local article about a teen committing suicide in our area.  This week the media has been following the case in the Northeast where they are actually indicting the teenagers who did the bullying.  Teen Lifeline has great interest in this subject, as it is our goal to help teens on both sides of this issue.  Bullying has always been present.  The difference is that when I was in school, you could get away from the bullies.  Today’s teens have few boundaries.  Bullying that starts at school continues via cell phone or social networking.  It can seem overwhelming – often leaving teens so helpless that suicide seems like their only way out.

Through our cell groups, Teen Lifeline gives hope to teens, helping them identify resources they can depend on for help – as well as developing the tools they need to cope with the stressors in their lives.  In addition, we are working on a specific four-week curriculum that can be taught in churches or schools to help address the anger management issues that often lead to bullying.  If you or someone you know is affected by this issue – please contact us.  We want to help.